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We provide heavy duty kennels and fence products.

Our objective is to supply the best products at reasonable rates.

Our customers include dog breeders, boarders, pet owners and the farm community. We fabricate custom kennels, specialty gates and various other hard to find fencing products. 

If we can't build it...It can't be built!



Types of Fencing

There are many types and styles of fence available.

There are also many purposes for a fence.

A fence may be required to keep animals and small children in or out of a specific area.

Swimming pools require a fence for safety and liability.

Privacy can be a concern for people he live in town. 

You may want a fence to accent a landscape project or add elegance to your property.

We are experts in Chain Link, Modular Iron & Wood.


Pool codes

Most fence products are suitable for construction of an enclosure around a pool.

Placement and construction of the fence must meet the criteria established by the municipality & the province.

1. The fence must be 5  feet high.

2. There can be no gaps 4 inches or greater in the fence.

3. All gates must be self closing, self latching and be kept in good working order.

4. The fence must not be in proximity to any object that facilitates climbing the fence, ie. an air conditioner unit, a hydro or bell box etc.

5.The fence must be mainained and kept in good repair.

These are only some of the items that are required. It is important to check with the municipality, the pool contractor and the fence contractor to ensure you are meeting all requirements for pool codes.

It is also a good idea to coordinate with the pool and fence contractors so the fence is installed near or at the end of the pool construction, allowing the municipality to approve the codes are met and the pool to be filled and enjoyed.


Call Before You Dig

You must call Ontario 1 Call to check for underground services before you attempt to dig footings for fence posts.

The locate information is valid for 30 days, if you have locates older than 30 days you need to call to have the information updated.

It is important to understand that if you hire someone to work on your property that person or company is responsible to get the locates and ensure the are "up to date" when the excavation is taking place.