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We provide heavy duty kennels and fence products.

Our objective is to supply the best products at reasonable rates.

Our customers include dog breeders, boarders, pet owners and the farm community. We fabricate custom kennels, specialty gates and various other hard to find fencing products. 

If we can't build it...It can't be built!



Laura Moir * Canadian Canine Training Academy, Cancer Dogs.ca

Hi Mike,

  Your kennel is wonderful!  I am so pleased that you went the extra mile and painted it for me, I was very, very happy to see it black.  We put Missy in it right after you left, but we stayed in with her to make sure she didn't try to dig under the new fence.  Today Leo went out and put the patio stones down to block the spaces for now.  We will finish with the patio stones the whole way around the fencing later this week. 

  Missy has since been in on her own, and she was having a ball, tearing around, and around, and around.  It seems so much bigger to me (and I guess to her as well),  square footage wise ... it probably is a lot bigger.  I really can't express how happy I am knowing Missy...or should I say, other people and dogs, will be safe.  The black paint was icing on the cake!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  I can't wait to see you again when I will be needing the other side professionally done. 

Thank you again Mike,
Best regards,

Keith Heaton * VonReynolds Kennels & Counting Sheep Family Farm

I am the owner of VonReynolds Kennels and Counting sheep family farm. I have been using kennel systems for years and purchased supposed top quality kennels that don't even last six months with our Rottweilers and German Shephards.  I found Mike Mcrae and Fence Ontario and am amazed at the quaility of the kennels that he makes and the assistance in not only delivering, helping set up the kennels, but in his expert advise and ongoing support, I had bought four kennels from Mike and still had five other kennels that were of different makes and after using the kennels made by Mike we replaced the other five and now even use them in our barns to create temporary bird coops.
Thanks again Mike for making our dogs safe and secure.
Keith Heaton.
Owner operator VonReynolds Kennels and Counting Sheep Family Farm.

Tera Corrigan * Integrity Kennels


Hi Mike,
We here at Integrity Kennels want to thank you very much for all our kennels (12). Being breeders of Bouvier Des Flandres and Malamutes it can be VERY HARD to find pens that are high  quality and can endure our tough dogs.
Well these kennels are it!! It's also great having you to help with other fencing needs (special gates for our farm animals) We are extremely happy with your service and look forward to purchasing more pens as needed.
We are recommending you to everyone needing pens!!! Please feel free to pass on our # to those wanting to confirm the quality!!

Thanks again
Best regards
Tera Corrigan
Integrity Kennels

Pete Finlayson Highway 7 Pet Retreat

Mike was my Go to guy When I needed his help to open my Boarding kennel. He was professional, trustworthy, reliable, and efficient. His service is impeccable, and clean. I would recommend him to anyone..He was the main reason I was able to open up on time.. Hire this guy..

Thanks Pete Finlayson Hwy7 Pet Retreat