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We provide heavy duty kennels and fence products.

Our objective is to supply the best products at reasonable rates.

Our customers include dog breeders, boarders, pet owners and the farm community. We fabricate custom kennels, specialty gates and various other hard to find fencing products. 

If we can't build it...It can't be built!





There are a lot of options available on the market today! The bigger box stores can provide kennels at cheap prices.
 Our customers, who have purchased these kennels, are amazed at the difference in quality.


Our kennels start at $485.00 plus HST.

Heavy Duty Construction

We  use  industial grade,  1 11/16 inch pipe to fabricate our frames & heavy duty, commercial grade, 9 guage chain link fence material.

The entire fabrication process takes place at our facility...We do not out source any work, This way we can ensure our high standards are met.

Every customer is unique and has specific needs. We strive to do our best in recognizing this and meeting their individual needs. 


Never need to be adjusted or tightened!

Will provide years of worry free service.

Your pet is kept safe and secure.


Couldn't be easier!

There are no nuts, bolts, screws, brackets or fasteners of any kind!

Panels come pre-assembled, all joints are mig-welded, wire mesh attached, gate hinge and latch systems welded in place.

Set up in less than 30 minutes!

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